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Tent Sarnafil 6x6
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Tent Sarnafil 6x6

Sarnafil tent is a type of tent used for event, bazaar, etc .. With conical roof + 4 sides of tarpaulin wall that can be closed and opened. Use of Sarnafil sarnafil tent is often used for promotional activities. Use of Sarnafil sarnafil Tent or Sarnafil Tent Cone can be found in many places of entertainment or in an outdoor event,
If you look at some shows on television, Tent Sarnafil is used as a waiting room and dressing room, Because inside Tent Sarnafil is quite comfortable especially if added air pendigin (Air Conditioner).

Super tent produces and sells 3x3 Sarnafil Tents, 4x4 Sarnafil Tents, 5x5 Sarnafil Tents, 6x6 Sarnafil Tents.

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